Envy by Muah is a self motivational black owned business inn Atlanta. An online brand that display women's empowerment. Using a mixture of colorful fabrics, and bold prints, the brand aspires fashion innovation. Bringing creative ideas to the eye of the beholder, EBM strives to add a touch of detail that everyone desires. EBM is vivacious and stands out among others. Some garments can be simple shift dresses or tanks with vibrant African tribal inspired prints. The prints are uniquely chosen based on the mix of colors. Any and all prints can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Some strong characteristics of the brand relies heavily on the use of color, prints, and textures that are oddly placed together. 
When designing for the brand EBM's ideal woman is not afraid to try new things, but aspires to be envied with want. She is full of adventure and travels frequently on much needed vacations. As a woman she is driven to explore fashion, loves color and is passionate about her career towards the arts. She expresses her persona through style and confidence.
Through the Envy by Muah brand the goal is to meet every consumer's desire, while remaining true to myself. In each piece I look to showcase confidence, attitude, indifference, comfort-ability, the garment is flattering and insinuates the woman's body, and most importantly it has to exhibit envy. I seek to make each woman feel like she is on top and assure that her garment is one of a kind pattern. Once a fabric or print is chosen, it is then taken off the market. EBM tries to avoid duplicating the same garment in the same print as someone else. Duplicating is also considered by taking another designers idea. Although many people love to have what another person is wearing I attend to replicate the idea so it remains true to my aesthetic.

Yours Truly,